Self-publishing vs Traditional Publishing

Self-publishing and traditional publishing are two different methods of getting a book or other written work published and distributed to readers. Traditional publishing involves submitting a manuscript to a publishing house, where it will be reviewed by an editor or literary agent. If the work is accepted, the publisher will handle the editing, design, production, […]


Self-publishing is the process of publishing a book or other written work without the involvement of a traditional publishing house or literary agent. This means that the author takes on the responsibilities of editing, formatting, design, production, distribution, and marketing for their work. Self-publishing can be done through various means, including print-on-demand services, e-book platforms, […]

Being a Freelance Author: The Pros, Cons, and How-To’s

As a freelance author, you have the freedom to choose your projects, set your own schedule, and work from anywhere. But, with this freedom comes the responsibility of finding work, managing finances, and maintaining your writing skills. Here are the pros, cons, and how-to’s of being a freelance author. Pros: Flexibility: As a freelance author, […]