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You never know where your life will take you. My life started in Ontario, Canada. For most of my life, 35 years, I worked in Human Resources Management. I retired and then developed a company in a special field making clothes and hernia supports for people with an ostomy. After 17 years, I retired again and sold the business. Then I took up another passion of mine writing. When my husband of over 35 years passed, I moved to Canada’s beautiful west coast—now settled in Alberta with my two black cats. I am still writing every day.

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The Joy Of Reading

There exists an ineffable delight in the embrace of a book, a sensation that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Within those pages lie worlds waiting to be discovered, characters eager to befriend, and adventures ready to unfold. The joy of reading is found not merely in the act of flipping through pages, but in the immersive journey it offers. It is a sanctuary where one can escape the cacophony of the world and lose themselves in the symphony of words. Each sentence is a brushstroke painting vivid landscapes in the mind’s eye, each chapter a melody echoing through the soul. In the solitude of a quiet corner, or amidst the bustling atmosphere of a café, the pleasure of a book knows no bounds. With every turn of a page, one delves deeper into the labyrinth of imagination, unraveling mysteries, exploring cultures, and understanding perspectives beyond their own. The joy of reading lies not only in the stories themselves but in the profound connection it fosters between reader and author, a bond forged through the alchemy of shared experiences and emotions. It is a treasure trove where wisdom and wonder intertwine, where dreams take flight, and where the essence of humanity is preserved between the covers. In a world brimming with distractions, the simple act of reading becomes a sanctuary of solace, a source of endless joy and pleasure for those who dare to embark on its enchanting voyage.

Although the story takes place from 1955 to the 1980s, the issues it explores—domestic abuse, a wife’s reluctance to expose the shameful truth, unfair work situations—are relevant today. Had Ruby told the story in her own voice, it would have resonated more forcefully with a new generation

Blue Ink Review

Out of Silence by Ruby Monroe is the story of an emotionally, physically, sexually, and mentally abused young woman who rose above her situation, turned her life around and wrote her novelized life story. review

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