By R.B. Smith

A Killer Within

Ryan a recent divorcee and unemployed due to his previous employer’s financial difficulties applied for a similar position at ABC Armoured Car. Sarah the Director of HR during the interview process became infatuated with him, and Ryan with her. They worried that they’ll never have the opportunity to see if they are a good fit. They flirt and tease each other but never take that forbidden step.

Ryan is eventually hired to work 2000 plus miles away at a new branch. Sarah must visit the branch in her role as Director of Human Resources more flirting and suggestive comments are made.

Ryan’s ex-wife is poisoned. Ryan returns to the head office where Sarah works. He is an emotional wreck. He ignores Sarah. She is heartbroken. She has never really loved a man the way she loves him. What should she do?

A missing girl is murdered. Monty is suspected.

Another member of his family poisoned. Ryan thinks he just can’t take any more grief.

It turns out that the murderer is right under his nose, but he never suspects

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R. B. Smith

R. B. Smith’s Biography. Born and raised in Ontario – was a resident up until June 5th, 2017 – Moved to British Columbia. 4 Grandchildren – 3 Grandsons and 1 Granddaughter. Divorced first husband after 23 years. Details of this marriage and ending, can be read in Out of Silence by my pen name Ruby Monroe. See home page for a taste. Married Peter at age 42 – With only adult children and grandchildren we travelled extensively. Our favorite was cruising this allowed Peter to travel because walking was difficult for him. We cruised around South America, one year we flew to Hong Kong, then Thailand for a week, then travelled to Melbourne, Australia for a week and to watch Australian Open. Drove to Sydney where we boarded Holland America cruise ship which took us to Tasmania and around New Zealand 5 weeks later we flew back to Hong Kong and flew home.

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My Other Books


Out of Silence

A naked, almost anorexic image in the full-length mirror stared back at a shocked Ruby. She dragged her hands down the sides of her skeletal figure and over ribs and bony hips that seemed to push through her skin. Only now did she realize how very thin her body had become. The dress she chose hung more loosely than it was ever meant to. She’d lost her appetite.

Rescue Ben

Ben is a dog in search of his family. They bought a new house, and while traveling to the new location, Ben chased a cat. He couldn’t help it; the cat was teasing him! When he returned, though, he found his family was gone. Now, he’ll do anything to get back to young Roy and Molly, but Ben has never been out in the world on his own. He was with his family since his puppy years


Out of Silence by Ruby Monroe is the story of an emotionally, physically, sexually, and mentally abused young woman who rose above her situation, turned her life around and wrote her novelized life story. Ruby, a pretty, innocent teenager, went on a cruise with her friend to celebrate her upcoming 16th birthday.

– Kislany


This was a captivating story, at the beginning hard to read the description of the abuse Ruby experienced and puzzling why she endured it for so long, but once getting into it I read it in one seating. It is a story of resilience, courage and determination. Very inspiring!

– D. Miller


Monroe tells of one woman’s struggles with domestic abuse in this debut novel. In Toronto, on Ruby’s 16th birthday in 1955, she meets her future husband, Jason, during a nighttime cruise on Lake Ontario. He convinces her to have sex early in their courtship.

– The Kirkus Standard

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