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Get ready for the most adrenaline-fueled action yet in the eagerly awaited third installment of this Armored car heist series! In this heart-pounding sequel Detectives Winter and Langer are back, they were hot on the trail or so they thought as they continually ran into dead ends. As the stakes reach new heights, the line between ally and adversary blurs, and trust becomes the most precious currency.

In “Buried Bodes” author Rosemarie Smith takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through the treacherous world of high-stakes robbery, where every second counts and every twist could be the crew’s undoing. With meticulous planning, unexpected betrayals, and pulse-pounding action, this installment promises to be the most riveting one yet.

Will the team of Winter and Langer pull off the impossible, or will they find themselves ensnared in a web of danger from which there’s no escape?

Find out as the armored cars roll and the tension builds in this explosive follow up to “A Killer Within” and “Follow The Money”.

Get ready to be on the edge of your seat until the very last page!

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Author Overview ✍🏻

Rosemarie B. Smith

Rosemarie B. Smith writes fictional stories based on her many life experiences. She is a huge fan of mysteries, romance, and crime stories. She is a loyal fan of TV crime series plus cop and lawyer shows almost to the point of addiction.

Her creativity is not only appreciated in her writing but also in many artistic undertakings, such as drawing, painting, interior design and sewing projects.

Mother to two adult sons and four grandchildren, she is enjoying her senior years in sunny Alberta

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