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Ryan is eventually hired to work 2000 plus miles away at a new branch. Sarah must visit the branch in her role as Director of Human Resources more flirting and suggestive comments are made.

Ryan’s ex-wife is poisoned. Ryan returns to the head office where Sarah works. He is an emotional wreck. He ignores Sarah. She is heartbroken. She has never really loved a man the way she loves him. What should she do? She confides in her best girlfriend, Shelly who listens to Sarah’s problems. On several occasions, they drink several bottles of wine and console each other.

A missing girl is a friend of Ryan’s son, Monty is murdered. Monty is suspected.

Another member of his family his son Monty was poisoned. Ryan thinks he just can’t take any more grief.

It turns out that the murderer is right under his nose, but he never suspects.

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